How Do Luxury Resorts Make it Easy to Get Away?


Cabo san lucas luxury resorts

You’ve been working too hard. And if you’re like most Americans, you don’t take too many vacations. But a quick getaway really doesn’t take all that much planning, when you let vacation stylists design the perfect holiday for you. With resort vacations like Cabo all inclusive hotels, you can get away from it all, while letting someone else do all work of planning and making travel arrangements. Blue skies, palm trees, crystal clear water, fishing and water sports, great food and music – what are you waiting for?

When did you last take a vacation?
It’s a fact. The numbers are in and they show that Americans work too hard, and take fewer vacations than their counterparts in Europe, Japan and Canada. In fact, the Center for Economic and Policy Research found that one fourth of all American workers don’t get any paid time off at all. By contrast, each year French workers get 31 days of paid vacation. In Japan, it’s 10 days, in Italy, 31 days and in Canada, 19 days.
Even when they do get paid vacation time, American don’t use all their days. In 2013, the employment site Glassdoor found that fully 75% of workers who do get paid time off didn’t use all the days due to them. And to top it all, even on vacation, Americans constantly check their email and voicemail. A quarter got a phone call from a colleague while on vacation and one out of five even heard from the boss. It’s not surprising that a large number of people can’t relax even while on vacation.

Meanwhile, in Cabo San Lucas
In Cabo San Lucas resorts, there are palm trees, blue skies, swimming pools to relax by, fishing and water sports, music, arts and food. Resort vacations offer luxury villas for rent, and they have a concierge service to help you every step of the way – with restaurant recommendations, driving directions, special requests, or even emergency assistance, if it becomes necessary.
Cabo San Lucas all inclusive packages are specially designed for you by vacation stylists who can plan the perfect vacation for you, with all kinds of things you didn’t even know you wanted to try. Resort vacations offer the perfect mix of comfort and adventure, which is what holidays are all about.

What will you do on your vacation?
With an average year-round temperature of 78 degrees and 350-360 days of sunny weather the weather in Cabo is nearly perfect. The days are hot and sunny, and the humidity is low. It’s easy to get there, and you can even pay in dollars. Most shops and even street vendors accept dollars, though they will give you pesos in exchange. They also charge a slightly higher exchange rate than a bank.
Cabo San Lucas is a fisherman’s paradise, and in October plays host to the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marling Fishing Tournament. This comes with a jackpot of over 3 million dollars, which makes it the world’s richest fishing tournament. But if you can’t make it in October, don’t worry. There are other fishing tournaments in the area hosted by Bisbee’s Offshore Tournaments all year.

Resort vacations are a great way to travel, relax, see new places and experience the art, culture, food, drink and music of a fascinating culture. With a concierge service that smoothes the way for you and experienced vacation stylists to design your perfect holiday, you’re ready for a vacation!

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