Have you considered Sante Fe For Your Next Vacation Spot?


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How many days a year do you see rain? If you live in Chicago, you see more than 130 days of precipitation per year. In New York, they see more than 125. In Seattle, more than 200 days per year include rain showers. Imagine, for a moment, that you could almost guarantee “no rain” on your next vacation? Then imagine that in addition to no rain, you could guarantee sunny skies and warm temperatures? Imagine more than 300 days per year of no rain and total sunshine. Book your next vacation rental home in Sante Fe and you just might be that lucky.

Sante Fe is famous for its sunny weather and variety of fun activities. There are hundreds of cheap vacation rentals to help you see Sante Fe at an affordable price. In addition, there are great entertainment choices like concert venues and theatre halls as well as historical landmarks from ancient indian inhabitants. Santa Fe hosts 13 museum as well as a world famous opera. Given that Sante Fe’s cost of living is on the lower end, visitors from Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Seattle might find that the Opera, while world-renowned, is also quite affordable.

Sante Fe also has more than 225 premium restaurants to choose from. With just 60,000 living and working in the area, the likelyhood of getting a spot at one of the premier restaurants is much higher than other metropolis.

Lastly, if you aren’t so inclined to do vacation on the cheap – Sante Fe is still great for you! A luxury vacation rental home may make more sense than the cheapest vacation rentals. Santa fe luxury vacation rentals usually have amentities like a washer and dryer, outdoor views and wifi. Summer vacation rentals are abundant and given the cities size, they are usually not too far from the attractions you’ll learn to love.

Santa fe vacation homes are a great way to bring the family together on any budget- big or small. No matter the season, Sante Fe is happy to have you. Put it on your short list of vacation destinations.

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