Going on a Vacation to Hawaii


One of the last states to join the Union, Hawaii is a very popular vacation destination for American domestic tourism. This remote island’s states are known for their beauty and intriguing Native American culture, drawing in great crowds of domestic tourists every year. Hawaii, being a series of islands, is a wonderful place to visit for snorkeling, boat tours, helicopter tours, or just visiting the many sandy beaches. Snorkeling gear, such as snorkeling masks and flippers, can be borrowed at shops and other places near the beach, if a tourist did not bring their own. Scuba diving is another fine way to explore Hawaii’s marine ecosystem. But it’s not just snorkeling and swimming. Hawaii is a popular tourist site for helicopter tours too, as well as for destination weddings on a sunlit beach.

Going Swimming

A tourist who wants to go snorkeling or scuba diving along Hawaii’s beaches can look up the best (and safest) coastlines for this activity online. Hawaii is a busy tourist spot, so it may be a good idea to look up available snorkeling areas ahead of time. The same is especially true for scuba diving expeditions, such as going in groups or renting boats to go diving from. A tourist may look all this up with searches such as “scuba diving activities off Mauna Loa” or something to that effect. Also, scuba diving requires having certification, so someone who’s getting into scuba diving may want to undergo the right training and certification before visiting Hawaii for this activity. But once they do, they can view all kinds of marine wildlife up close, such as coral reefs and fish. Snorkeling in shallower water is an easier way to do this, for tourists who aren’t willing to invest in scuba diving training.

Helicopter Tours

Hawaii’s beaches and shores are a great place to take a vacation, but some tourists have another, more creative idea: explore Hawaii from up high. Helicopter tours are widely available across Hawaii, and with them, a small group of tourists can see the panorama of this state and get a lecture about local history and wildlife. Going on these tours means booking them well ahead of time, especially if the tourist is visiting during the busy season. An online search such as “Hawaii helicopter tours July 15-20” can show some available bookings, and a tourist may book them weeks or months ahead of their trip. In some cases, a vacationer might even book a helicopter tour first, then plan the rest of their vacation around it, if that proves easier.

Once the tourist group arrives at the helicopter base for a tour, they may look over the helicopters available and consult the pilots, too, and choose a helicopter and pilot they want. Now, the group may board the vehicle and put on head sets, so that they can hear each other over the helicopter’s noise. The doors will also be kept closed for safety’s sake, and tour helicopters will fly in all but the worst weather. If a helicopter is grounded due to weather, the tourists should inquire about refund or scheduling policies, which may vary.

Destination Weddings

More and more brides and grooms want destination weddings, often taking place outdoors in a charming and pleasant place such as a farm or even the beach. Hawaii’s beaches may be a popular option for this, but it takes work, too. The wedding party should find an open space on the beach and make a reservation, and ensure that the local weather will be pleasant during the scheduled ceremony. Aside from that, the wedding party members should also arrange for all travel and accommodations for guests, such as flying them out to Hawaii and finding hotel rooms for them all (in addition to taxis and buses once there). Often, beach and outdoor weddings are slightly less formal than ballroom ones, where everyone may wear lightweight and lightly colored clothing to stay cool in the sunlight. Women’s dresses may have higher hems to avoid dragging in the sand, and men may roll up their pants legs to the knee or so. Often, the people involved may wear sandals or even go barefoot, making for a pleasant semi-casual wedding on a beach.

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