From Dock Bumpers to Power Pedestals, Here are the Essentials to Keep Your Floating Dock Safe


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Do you own a personal watercraft or a type of boat? If so, you may have a personal watercraft platform or wooden dock in place, but these aren’t always the best solution. If you’re looking to replace your dock with marina-quality materials, there is an option that is becoming more popular with boat owners: the floating dock.

Floating docks are typically made from aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel and use timber decking. Aluminum is especially useful because it is lightweight and naturally resists corrosion. Because wooden docks often require frequent repairs and have to be treated with certain wood preservative to prevent deterioration, they are often not as long-lasting as a floating dock.

Floating docks are also more advantageous for PWC and boat owners because they can rise and fall with the water level to bring you five to six feet closer to your vessel. They are also useful for waters deeper than eight feet and bodies of water that can’t support permanent structures because the soil in them is too soft.

What do floating docks require? There are many dock items and accessories that you may need when you build a floating dock besides the dock itself. Here are some essential items for these platforms:

    1. Dock floats: Dock floats are typically made from polystyrene foam blocks or billets encased in protective coverings. The dock sits atop the dock floats and is then anchored to the bottom of the body of water.

    2. Dock bumpers: Dock bumpers attach to the dock itself and keep your craft or others from crashing into it. Dock bumpers can be especially important if you have people waiting on the platform because this will ensure their safety.

    3. Power pedestals: Power pedestals have lights atop them, which can be wired into the dock. Power pedestals can keep a dock area well lit, so passengers don’t risk injury.

    4. Dock boxes: Dock boxes are perfect for on the dock and on the watercraft also. They can hold essential safety items and boating supplies. Make sure to find a dock box made from a material that won’t heat up in the sun or warp from the heat.

    Have questions about building your own floating dock? Have you built one before? Leave us a comment.

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