Engineering is Hard so Google Makes Their Employees’ Commute Easy


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Any web savvy human can tell you that Google’s analytics are complicated, and ever-changing, and not very easy to understand. Conversely, it seems that their strategies for employee treatment and benefits are simple and unwavering.

As a company, Google really knows how to take care of its employees. Onsite, the company offers workers all access to free, gourmet food cooked by a professional chef, free athletic amenities including 2 swimming pools, and even free annual checkups. But one of google’s initiatives that benefits employees and the environment is their shuttle services to and from work.

Located in Silicon Valley, the Google office is centered around what is known as some of the nation’s worst traffic areas. To mitigate some of the exhaustion and headaches surrounding the daily commute, Google has decided to spare the young engineers the trouble by providing transportation services to and from work.

The shuttle services currently in use by 1,200 Googlers at the company. Running across 6 counties, the shuttle bus services perform approximately 132 trips a day; pick up and drop off times start at 5 am run as late as 10:05 pm. Pickup times run between 15 minutes of one another.

Google hopes that the added convenience will enable its employees to spend the hours saved commuting hard at work instead.

Shuttle buses are typically used for transportation to the airport, special events, and bus tours; Google’s employee transportation services are a relatively unique practice among companies. But not only does it save the employees time, it saves the environment from a great deal of CO2 emissions. Carpooling is an effective means of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Perhaps other companies should follow suit with Google’s shuttle services. While it would cost the company money, shuttle transportation services enable employees to have more energy and focus for the job, furthermore increasing productivity and revenue.

Another benefit of providing shuttle buses for employees is that it boosts employee comrade, morale, and pride. While such things are seemingly intangible, human resources would argue that employees who feel solidarity toward their company and fellow workmates tend to be more productive and happy.

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