Dealing With Holiday Stress With a Weekend Getaway


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The holiday season can be an extremely busy time for many families. Parents are working their regular schedules, while maintaining busy children?s school schedules. They are also planning for holiday guests and multiple holiday meals. They are attempting to purchase holiday items while keeping up with their schedules and regular bills. This time can be hectic for many and can put a toll on any marriage. Consider taking a couple?s getaway weekend trip before the busy holiday season begins. The weekend trip can refresh and prepare both of you for the upcoming season. It can also help to remind you what the holiday season is truly about.

Choose a weekend as close to the holidays as possible It can be difficult to find a weekend that both of you can get away. However, attempt to plan it as close to the holidays as possible. If you plan it too far in advance, the feeling of being refreshed will be long gone by the time the busy season arrives. If you can plan to have everything finished early, attempt to take the get away vacation a week or two before the holidays. Request a family member to come in early to stay with the children.

Arrange a trip close by, if needed If you are unable to take an out of state vacation, even getting away to a local hotel for the weekend can be beneficial. That way, you are nearby if your children need you, but far enough away to find relaxation. If your children are old enough, you can allow them to stay alone for the night or weekend, while still being close enough to check on them, if needed.

Forgo any responsibilities or plans After you finish planning your getaway trip, forgo any other responsibilities during travel. Hire an airport express shuttle to transport you to your hotel room. The airport shuttle services make it so you do not have to worry about parking and driving in an unfamiliar city. In the U.S. there are 16,000 vans and shuttle buses working for charter services, so it is likely that you will find something convenient. Rent a charter bus for a tour around a new city. Try not to make too many plans, simply taking the trip as it comes for optimal relaxation.

Plan a stress free night out This tip actually works regardless if you are able to get out of town or not. If you are able to get out of town for a weekend, go see a Broadway show on one of the cities bus rentals. If you choose to stay in town, you can still arrange a stress free night out. Plan a trip to a local Broadway show with fancy transportation and a nice, relaxing hotel stay after. The Broadway show and easy travel option will be a nice break from the consistent transporting of children from one event to another.

Consider limo travel for a nicer night out A trip to the local Broadway show in a shuttle bus is nice because neither person has to drive. However, a trip to the local Broadway show in a fancy limo provides both excitement and entertainment. There are approximately 7,000 stretch SUVs and 8,000 non stretch SUVs licensed for limousine and charter services in the U.S., making them a great option for an unforgettable night out. Consider partnering with other couples who need a break for a larger limo. Larger stretched limousines can carry between 16 and 20 passengers depending on the type of limousine chosen.

The holidays are quickly approaching. Many parents are already overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities they have. Couples may find that they are unable to spend as much time together during this busy time, putting extra stress on the marriage. Attempting to arrange a get away weekend, or even a night out can help you to reconnect and prepare for this busy time.

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