Comfort and Luxury On Board Executive Private Jets


Gulfstream air charter

Private plane charter for business travelers offers a high level of comfort and luxury. For short trips or round the world journeys, different types of private planes provide a place to relax, work and brainstorm. The iconic plane for private flights is the Gulfstream. For longer journeys and the ultimate in luxury air travel, the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) sets the standard for executive private jets.

Why choose private jet charter?
VIP private jets make air travel comfortable and seamless. Many private jet flights use smaller airports, with less traffic and a streamlined security check. Executive private jets can put travelers down closer to their destination, since they have access to a nationwide network of over 5,000 airports. Commercial airlines can only use about 550 airports, making them a more cumbersome way of arriving at your destination.
Private jets fly at higher altitudes than commercial flights. They can avoid the crowded airspace at 35,000 feet and pick the quickest route to their destination. Unlike commercial aircraft, executive private jets are designed for comfort and productivity. There?s room for executives, managers and staff to travel in comfort and to remain productive while on board.

Comfortable executive private jets
For longer trips, the Boeing Business Jet is the most comfortable executive private jet. Used by global travelers looking for comfort and luxury, the private jet has living, working and relaxing space for up to fourteen people. The range of the private aircraft is over 6,000 nautical miles, which is enough tie travel nonstop to Europe.
The aircraft combines the necessary features of home and office. On board there is a living room, master bedroom and second bedroom, conference room, galley kitchen and enough baggage space. Travelers can rest, relax or work on the way and arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to go.

Staying connected
Features of BBJ include an executive suite, dining area and private offices. With radio, tv and internet as well, the aircraft are equipped for communications, work and entertainment for hours of nonstop travel. Conference rooms and private work spaces allow for productive of travel time.
Comfortable and seamless travel makes the disorientation of long distance air travel a thing of the past. Instead, business travelers can use the travel time to relax, catch up on work, conference or to catch up on the latest in tv and film.

Executive private jets like the BBJ make long distance travel both comfortable and luxurious. This is air travel without the discomfort, delays and disorientation. With all amenities for rest, relaxation and work on board, travelers arrive refreshed and ready to handle all new challenges.

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