Camping In Tents, By RV Or Camp Site Which Is Your Favorite?


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Do you know what the biggest American past-time is? While some would turn to football or baseball as the prime U.S. favorite, others would say camping is the way to go — it’s estimated that over 40 million people went camping in 2010, for a whopping total of 515 million outings all across the country! Whether it’s cooking under the open stars or fishing with your family, camping has something to offer for everyone. Small wonder it’s often the go-to solution for a fun and affordable weekend with friends!.

Camping In Tents

The most popular form of camping, by far, is by tent. A recent survey saw 86% of people responding with preferences for tent camping. Another 33% said they also used cabins when going on a camping vacation, with yet smaller percentages of people saying they like either drive-up campsites or staying in their own backyard. While camping comes in many forms, camping in tents wins out as the classic way to enjoy the great outdoors. RV campers tend to have the longest outings, often spending five or more nights in a row at their designated camp site, while tent campers tend to stay one or two nights.

Favorite Camping Activities

Now what do people like to do when camping? There’s fishing, hunting, cooking and, of course, hiking. Hiking is the most popular activity by a landslide, with 92% of people in a recent survey saying they preferred it as their favorite outdoor experience. If you camp near a lake or a river, swimming or fishing by boat is also a fun and relaxing way to pass the time. Last, but not least, family camping is a major preference, with many citing it is a wonderful way to bond while staying active and fit. Whether you’re a nature lover or someone looking to get into shape, camping is an all-around fun activity that brings everybody together. What’s your favorite way to stay overnight in nature’s backyard?

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