7 Important Things You Should Know Before You Book a Hawaii Helicopter Tour


If you are planning to visit Hawaii, one thing you should add to your itinerary is Hawaii helicopter tours. First, the view of Hawaii from above is breathtaking. The island of Oahu in Hawaii is 597 square miles which large enough for an enjoyable tour. Another thing is that a significant part of the islands can only be viewed from the air. For instance, you can only access about 10% of Kauai by car. If you need to tour the rest of the area, you’ll have to do it by a helicopter, boat, or foot.

If you need a Hawaii photo, there is no better way than doing it from helicopter tours. Unlike drones pictures, you will also get an experience of a lifetime. Below are some great tips you should know before taking a Hawaii helicopter tour.

1. Get a Company That Prioritizes on your Safety

The first thing you should do is find a company that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Start by researching tour companies online. Crashes do happen. A suitable company will answer all your questions, hence make you feel at ease. Also, a helicopter tour should be enjoyable. The last thing you want to have is anxiety.

2. Check the Seating Chart

The seating arrangement is very important, especially if you’re interested in photography. However, the seating arrangement mostly depends on weight. You should aim to get a window seat during your helicopter tours Waikiki. But that is not enough. It is prudent to check out the side that will offer the best view. The route you will be taking can help you choose the best side to sit. Ensure you choose the side that is closest to the island. This means that if you are flying counter-clockwise, sit on the left. Similarly, you should get the right seat if you will fly clockwise. If you are not sure about the route, it is important to ask your tour company.

3. Timing

When planning Hawaii helicopter tours, you definitely want to get the best out of the trip. The weather patterns vary, so ensure you enquire from the tour company about the best day for a Oahu Hawaii helicopter tours. Most companies have an expert who will help you choose the best time from the numerous options. Generally, avoid days when there are poor lighting and dark shadows.

4. Choose the Right Route

Before embarking on Hawaii helicopter tours, you should have done enough research especially about helicopter tours. Compare the different options that the tour company offers and choose one that suits you best. When choosing an ideal route, determine if all the specific sites you want, including in the route. Ask yourself if you want to see the entire island or if you want to have a view of a specific part of the Island. If you want to see more, then you should book a helicopter ride Oahu that has a longer duration.

5. Consider the Cost

Before choosing a certain helicopter tour in Hawaii, shop around for the best price. The good thing is that there are colossal options for Hawaii helicopter tours. Also, each company offers different tours. Compare what is included in each tour including the duration. Check the tour company sites often. You may come across great deals there. If possible, book directly through the company website instead of going through brokers.

6. Carry the Right Equipment

Some of the important equipment include cameras. While any camera is good, you will want to bring a top of the line camera that has a wide-angle lens. Since helicopters are bumpy, you need a camera that can shoot at fast shutter speed.

7. Go Doors Off

If you want to make your Hawaii helicopter tours memorable, fly with doors off. Doors off tours offer totally unobstructed views. However, if you choose to fly with doors off, ensure you carry a jacket. Even if you are flying on the hottest day, you will still need a jacket. The temperature up there will be freezing when flying in an open helicopter. Dress accordingly. This means that you should not have attires or shoes that can fly off.

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