5 Stress-Free Tips For Finding Your Perfect Vacation House


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Sunshine, flip flops, ocean breezes — you can already picture yourself on your next vacation. Once you have chosen a date and location, the biggest decision left is to choose the perfect rental. While you may be overwhelmed by the number of possible vacation home rentals, these tips can help you narrow down your search. By taking the right steps in your decision process, you will be sipping a cold drink on the beach in no time.

  1. Read The Reviews: Sometimes you can get the most authentic picture of the property by reading customer reviews. Read them thoroughly, taking note of both positive and negative points. Your experience might not be far off from the experience of these people.
  2. Check The Photos: House rentals posted online should have more than one picture. In fact, they should have pictures of most, if not all, of the rooms in the house. Seek out the best vacation homes by leaving only those with plenty of pictures in the running.
  3. Be Specific: Narrow down your search options to get results that match your expectations. If you only want to see houses with tons of amenities, include all of those features in your search. This is also a great search method if you have specific needs, such as wheelchair accessibility.
  4. Know Any Restrictions: If you plan to bring children or pets, be sure that the property you choose is kid or animal-friendly. Know if you will be able to park your car on the property as well.
  5. Book Ahead: Gorgeous vacation homes are snatched up quickly. Ensure that you get first picks by booking far in advance. As an alternative, last-minute booking leaves you with fewer options and more expensive rental prices.
  6. Call The Property Manager: You can only learn so much through internet searches alone. Give the rental company a call for more specific information. Ask them to send you more photos or videos of the house.

Now more than ever, vacationers are choosing to stay on rental properties. In fact, 49% of travelers are more interested in staying in a home than a hotel or resort during the next two years. Vacation home rentals are stylish and comfortable, letting you feel right at home during your stay.

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