4 Tips for Exhilarating Oahu Open-Door Helicopter Trips


Hawaii is a trendy vacation spot for many tourists around the world. To put into perspective just how popular it is, 220,000 people visited the island every day in 2016. Its verdant valleys, waterfalls, hiking trails, and volcanic vistas are some of the major attractions that bring in visitors by the droves.

A helicopter ride around the island is a unique way for guests to drink in the island’s beauty. Open-door helicopter rides in Oahu are an excellent way to see the beaches and rugged mountain ranges. Here are some tips to help first time Oahu helicopter tour visitors make the most of their trip.

1. Yes, You Can Catch the Perfect Shot from up There

As you might expect, open-door helicopter rides in Oahu hold a new perspective on nature’s beauty. If it’s your first time on the trip, the experience can be intensely breathtaking. It’s a no-brainer that you would want to capture the unique magic of your Oahu helicopter tour. Flying in an open-door helicopter offers you the perfect opportunity to memorialize the magic since no window will come between you and the best picture.

Many photographers on their first sightseeing adventure on Oahu Hawaii helicopter tours get thrown off by the reflections in their photos that can dim the beauty of their shot. As a result, you should take your flight while dressed in dark colors to prevent marring your pictures with reflections.

Another essential photography tip when taking open-door helicopter rides in Oahu is to bring your camera straps with you. It may surprise you how strong the winds outside the helicopter can get. If you don’t stabilize your camera, you’ll end up with poor quality pictures.

2. Dress for It

If you’re asking yourself how you should dress for your first helicopter tour, you should know that it gets colder when the flight takes off. Unlike when you are on the ground, flight altitude air is cooler and unless you put on something more than a light jacket you may not like the weather up there.

Additionally, it might be a good idea to forego your earrings on the fight since you will be wearing headphones while flying.

3. Pick the Right Time to Fly

Technically, your excursions in the sky can happen at any time you like within operating hours. However, there is such a thing as the perfect flying window if you want to get the best experience in Oahu. Catch a flight late in the morning or early afternoon to reduce the number of shadows you experience while getting excellent color due to the overhead sun.

4. Research the Route

The aviation company does the seat planning on an open-door helicopter trip. While part of that is beyond your control, you must do your part and research the journey ahead of time. Knowing where you will seat before your trip commences is beneficial. It will help you gauge whether you will have the best view as the helicopter cruises along, and if not, you can make adjustments in time.

The aviation company selects the positions passengers will take based on their weight calculations. Thus, how your weight factors into these calculations will determine whether you end up seated in the front or at the back is primarily due to

Another thing that can affect where you get to seat during helicopter rides in Oahu is the path the flight itself will take. For example, if upon further research, you realize that the helicopter will be flying clockwise around Oahu, you will need to request for seating on the right side. Similarly, should the trip take an anti-clockwise route your preferred seat should be on the left side so that you don’t miss any of the action.

Have the Time of Your Life

Hawaii is an insanely popular vacation spot with Oahu being one of the islands that visitors flock to. One unforgettable way for guests to take on the island is through open-door helicopter rides in Oahu. With a few tips and some preparation, you can have the time of your life in the tropical skies.

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