4 Family Friendly Camping Ideas


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Are you planning a family vacation, but don’t know where exactly to go? Consider heading to some camp resorts near you — as a camping vacation is something everyone in your family will love!

When camping, there are plenty of fun family activities to do, no matter if you are camping near a lake or not. Here are some of our favorite activities to do as a family when you’re camping.

Go on a scavenger hunt

There is nothing more fun than getting outdoors in the thick of things and exploring your campsite! The best way to do so is by planning a scavenger hunt that the entire family will love. Not only will playing along teach you more about your area, you’ll be able to have a healthy dose of competition when the day is done. Some things to look for include: a purple leaf, a piece of trash, an oddly shaped leaf, an acorn, a piece of moss, and a bottle cap. Who ever finds everything first is able to choose what is for dinner that night.

Star gaze

Camping outside gives you the best view of the stars — one you may not have where you normally live. So take advantage and make sure to spend a good amount of time outside gazing at the stars. Bring along a star map for your season, or there are plenty of maps you can download on your phone. See who can spot them all first!

Have a game day

As much as you don’t want to think about it, there are plenty of times when camping vacations has to be put on hold because of inclement weather. So always have a plan for a rainy day handy in case you’re stuck inside. Our favorite thing to do is stock up on board games and interactive cards so everyone will have a good time.

Get the entire family in on creating dinner

There are plenty of different ways the entire family can help you with dinner! Getting everyone involved will not only take the stress off of you, you’ll be able to create lasting family memories.

Here you have it– our four top activities to do on any camping vacations. Try them out and get ready to have a fun time!

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