10 Unique Locations for Your Next Trip


Planning a trip is a great way to decompress and spend time away from home. Whether you’re planning a trip with family or you’re looking to explore new areas, choosing a unique location for your next trip is a surefire way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Before choosing a unique location for your trip, creating a plan and having a vision for the trip itself is key. When you know what you want to get out of your next trip, you can pinpoint specific areas to visit that will help you make the most of your vacation or getaway.

1. Miami, Florida

If you are looking for a unique location to visit and want to visit somewhere that is warm with plenty of accessible beaches, consider stopping at Miami, Florida. Visiting Miami is a great way to spend time on the beach, sunbathing, or even taking outdoor classes near the water. Whether you are interested in snorkeling at Christ of the Abyss or exploring the vast nightlife that Little Havana has to offer, there is no shortage of activities when you’re in Miami, Florida.

When you are thinking of planning your next trip to Miami, Florida, it’s important to prepare and plan ahead of time. Research locations in Miami that you intend to visit and stay in. Steer clear of cities and neighborhoods that are prone to drugs and crime, especially those that typically target visitors or tourists. If you’re unsure of where to begin, you should take time to research Miami before solidifying your trip plans.

2. Los Angeles, California

Whether you’ve always been an adoring fan of Hollywood or if you simply want to explore all that California has to offer, you can make a visit to Los Angeles to soak in the City of Angels. Los Angeles, California, is not only home to thousands of celebrities and A-list actors, but it is also the hub for entertainment in the US. If you are thinking of visiting Los Angeles, you can do so to schedule celebrity home tours or even to visit the infamous Rodeo Drive, where luxury stores run rampant.

In addition to shopping and spending time fawning over celebrities and local artists, Los Angeles is also littered with delicious food establishments. These can include bars and plenty of hip shops. From visiting the Griffith Observatory and the Getty Center to checking out the Venice Beach Boardwalk, there are plenty of sights to see whenever you are in LA.

Planning a Trip to LA

If you are thinking of planning your next trip to LA, you should first be sure to check the air quality during the dates you intend to visit. The air quality in LA will fluctuate based on the time of year as well as any existing wildfires that may be in the area or in the state of California. You should also take the time to research available locations, hotels, and dining establishments that you’re interested in visiting, as some may require reservations in advance in order to secure you a spot.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

For those who want a unique location that is not typical when planning a vacation or trip, New Orleans is one southern destination to keep in mind. While New Orleans, Louisiana, is typically known for their famous Mardi Gras celebrations each year, there are plenty of other types of entertainment to enjoy while you are in the southern part of the country. If you’re a lover of jazz, contemporary music, or delicious southern foods, New Orleans is the place to be year-round.

Whether you’re visiting New Orleans for the very first time or you’re returning to celebrate Mardi Gras, you can opt to go on a Mardi Gras tour or even take a cooking class year-round. Exploring the French Quarter is one of the most popular activities in New Orleans. You can also join parades and check out Frenchmen Street.

Planning a Trip to New Orleans

Planning your trip to New Orleans can be done with a local travel agent or by planning your flights and lodging online. If you are booking your own lodging accommodations, be sure to verify that the locations you choose currently have air conditioners available. Unfortunately, New Orleans can become sweltering hot during the summer months. In some cases, loading hotels and rentals do not provide air conditioning, which can drastically impact your overall experience.

4. Nashville, Tennessee

Another unique location to consider for your next trip down south might include Nashville, Tennessee. Home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum as well as The Johnny Cash Museum, Nashville is the perfect vacation destination for music-lovers from all eras. When you visit Nashville, you will be greeted by stunning architecture with vintage doors and antique windows, alongside modernized buildings. The aesthetic of Nashville is enough for visitors to bask in for days.

What to Consider When Visiting Nashville

If you’re thinking of planning a trip to Nashville, consider the time of year you intend to stop in. During the summer months, Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery provides various types of tours. Visiting the Grand Ole Opry is also possible when you’re in Nashville, which is why it’s important to plan your trip ahead of time and reserve tickets for your preferred activities. Reservations and advanced ticket purchasing are always recommended whenever you are heading to Nashville, as the city is more popular than ever.

5. New York City

For those who love big cities and exploring as much as one place has to offer, NYC is a unique location that cannot be underestimated. If you’ve never visited The Big Apple before, you’re in for a treat. Visiting New York City is a great way to see plenty of sights, from The Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island, to visiting Central Park or The World Trade Center Museum. New York City is home to thousands of restaurants and shops, making it a great destination for those who are interested in diving deep into New York’s culture.

How to Plan for a Trip to New York City

If you’re interested in planning a trip to NYC, you should determine how long you intend to stay in the city beforehand. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the city, as New York City is arguably a simple city to navigate, once you understand how the city names and numbers work. Using a map online or a printed map is a great way to learn how to effectively navigate the city even before you arrive.

Planning for potential taxi cab rides, Uber trips, or even trips on the underground subway can also help you prepare for your next trip to NYC. If you intend to take the subway while you are in the city, be sure to get to know the specific routes you intend to take to ensure you are navigating properly. Choosing the wrong subway can result in winding up in Brooklyn or another borough that is located outside the city, not attached to Manhattan.

You should also take the time to research specific hotels and other lodging options you are interested in before making your own reservation. In NYC, rodent control is essential, as the rodent problem is growing exponentially each year. Finding accommodations that are clean and free from potential pests and rodents is a way to maintain peace of mind while you are enjoying all that the city has to offer.

6. Savannah, Georgia

One unique location that is not typically considered when planning a traditional vacation is Savannah, Georgia. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the rural farm life in a house with a sitting porch and storm doors, Savannah has plenty to offer and so much more. Visiting various beaches, taking a trolley, or even scheduling a tour on a local riverboat is a great way to get to know more about Savannah, Georgia, and all of its surroundings.

Local city markets, cabaret, and plenty of karaoke locations are available for those who prefer live entertainment while they are vacationing. Museums such as the Owens-Thomas House, the Savannah Museum, the Telfair Museum of Art, as well as the African Art Museum are all located in Savannah. This is perfect for those who have a love for history.

7. Detroit, Michigan

If you’re searching for a truly unique location to visit on your next trip, consider a getaway to Detroit, Michigan. With its recent revitalization, the city of Detroit has museums, live entertainment, and plenty of sporting events to offer year-round. While you are in Detroit, consider stopping in at a local Ford Dealer if you’re in the market for a new vehicle or if you’re interested in learning more about vehicles that are soon to be released onto the market.

From visiting the Motown Museum to scheduling a private scavenger hunt around the city, there are plenty of activities to enjoy while you are in the Motor City. For those who are interested in seeing more of what Detroit, Michigan has to offer, consider stopping in at the Detroit Institute of Art, or the DIA, as well as the Charles H. Wright Museum along with Bell Isle Park to get the most out of the city’s surroundings.

8. San Diego, California

For lovers of the Pacific Ocean who are in search of a unique location to visit, San Diego has plenty to offer, from beautiful sights to see to delicious food establishments. San Diego is home to numerous nature parks and gardens, including Balboa Park and La Jolla Cove, where visitors can see plenty of seals in the evening off of the coast. If you’re searching for authentic Mexican cuisine, there is no shortage of options, regardless of where you intend to visit and stay while you’re in San Diego. San Diego is the perfect destination for travelers who enjoy warm locations that are also close to Mexico, as Tijuana is closely linked to San Diego and can be easily accessed.

9. Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the most legendary and iconic locations to visit in the United States includes Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for its luxurious casinos and eclectic atmosphere, Las Vegas is a top destination for those looking to get away to relax as well as those who are interested in a bit of fun and gambling themselves. Whether you’re thinking of checking out a day spa or exploring all the casinos that are presently on ‘The Strip’ in Las Vegas, you will never run out of activities when you are in Vegas.

10. Houston, Texas

For those who prefer a relaxing, southern getaway with a twist, consider planning your next trip to Houston, Texas. If you’re unfamiliar with the State of Texas, you may automatically think of farmland and rural areas when you consider planning your next trip to the lone star state. However, Houston has come a long way in terms of development and with the implementation of new industries, including tech.

Whether you’re looking to explore the vast nightlife that Houston now has to offer or if you’re thinking of stopping in at a local barn venue, there are plenty of unique ways to explore Texas, regardless of how long of a trip you are planning. If you’re a nature lover, consider visiting Lake Livingston State Park, Sam Houston National Forest, or even Sea Rim State Park. The Space Center in Houston is also available for visits and tours for those who have an avid interest in space and space exploration. In some cases, you may be able to watch test launches of various rockets and ships, depending on the time you plan your vacation and the current space station schedule that is in place.

Planning your next trip to a unique location does not have to feel confusing or difficult, especially once you have a vision for the type of getaway you have in mind. Taking the time to get to know different destinations you’re interested in visiting will help you to create an itinerary that is ideal for you. The more you learn about various destinations near you and around the country, the easier it will be for you to create a plan of action that allows you to make the most of your next planned trip.

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